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The  Citrus Helping Adolescents Negatively impacted by Commercial Exploitation (CHANCE) Program is a pilot program developed by Citrus Health Network  through  a  partnership  with  the  Florida  Department  of Children  and  Families  and  Our  Kids  of  Miami-Dade/Monroe,  with research by the University of South Florida. 

Commercial  Sexual  Exploitation  of  Children (CSEC)  is  a  form  of  child  abuse.  It happens when individuals buy, trade, or sell sexual acts with a child under the age of 18. 

Children  in  The  CHANCE  Program  receive individualized  clinical  treatment  primarily  centered  around  Trauma-Focused  Care, Cognitive  Behavioral  Treatment  and motivational interviewing. 

Citrus  Health  Network  provides  prospective  foster  parents  with  required  trainings  for licensing, and additional trainings for specialized therapeutic foster care for CSEC victims. 

Any child  in  the  community  who  has been a victim of CSEC can receive services from The CHANCE Program, even if they are  not  in  a  Specialized  Therapeutic Foster Home. 


If  you  think  you  know  a  child  who  may  be  a victim  of  Commercial  Sexual  Exploitation,  call, The CHANCE Program at: (305) 424-3031.

For more information on CSEC and The CHANCE Program, click on the Program Flyer below.