Invitation to Negotiate- Site Plan Design

Citrus Health Network (CHN) is in the process of procuring architectural services to design a site plan for a property that CHN has a long-term lease on from the State of Florida. The proposal is for a master plan including the drawings, elevations and technical information needed to submit to funders and for planning purposes. This does not cover construction documents needed for construction, although the architect would be considered also for selection to complete final construction drawings if negotiations are successful.

The land is approximately 34 acres located at 20600 NW 47th Ave, Miami Gardens, Florida. The property is vacant land with the exception of a small facility on one end that is already under contract with an architect to develop renovation plans. The site plan is needed to plan for the use of the rest of the land. CHN is interested in doing supportive housing for persons with special needs as well as other social services such as a small health clinic. The use of the property must be consistent with allowable uses in the long-term lease between the State of Florida and CHN.

Click here for the full Notice of Invitation to Negotiate forITN Number: 2022‐ITN‐01- Site Plan Design