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HAND Program- Rental Assistance


About the HAND Program

Citrus Health Network  is the lead agency in the Housing Assistance Network of Dade (HAND) Program, a multi-agency partnership with Miami-Dade County and local municipalities making an effort to prevent homelessness by providing temporary rental assistance for eligible low income individuals and families who are currently homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. 

Who can apply for HAND assistance?

  1. Individuals or families who is currently homeless (as proven by a referral from an outreach team or homeless program, or victims of domestic violence), or in housing but at risk of becoming homeless (as proven by a court filed eviction, foreclosure, or discharging institution) and in need of temporary rent or utility assistance to preven them from becoming homeless, and

  2. Individuals must meet income qualification requirements. 


What kind of help can be received?
Help with rent, utilities, security deposits, legal assistance and credit counseling.

How do you apply?

Call 1-877-994-4357 for an application location near you.

Criteria for rental assistance:

  1. Private landlords with apartments or other residential properties, not a room within a house (mortgage assistance is not eligible).Landlord must own property, owner of property cannot be Citrus Health Network, Miami-Dade County or the agency assisting the tenant.

  2. Apartments cannot be under Section 8 Housing Vouchers, Shelter Plus Care, Public Housing, VASH, or another local or federal assistance program. (Exception: help with security deposit may be available).

  3. Rent must be reasonable.

  4. Rent must be affordable to the household’s current income or reasonably potential income.

  5. If the applicant is moving to a new unit, the housing unit must meet local and federal habitability standards as evidenced by:

    1. Visual inspection of certificate of occupancy or business license or computer screening to ensure no current violations, and

    2. Completion of housing inspection.

    3. Lead based paint inspection for units housing a child under 6 years old.

Documentation requested from household:

  1. Proof of homelessness (referral from outreach or homeless program) or risk of homelessness (court filed eviction).

  2. Copy of utility bills if assistance is being requested for utilities.

  3. Proof of income in the form of a check stub for all household members.

  4. Copy of paycheck and bank statement indicating income and assets within last 30 days.

  5. Copy of ID.

  6. Copy of lease with name of applicant listed, signed by tenant and landlord.

  7. The household will also need to provide the names of all the household members, and the landlord’s address and phone number.