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Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Services- HOPE Program

The HOPE Program is designed to help adults 18 years of age and older with substance use disorders (SUD) achieve sobriety or reduce the use of, and dependency on, alcohol or drugs, lower the risks associated with drug and alcohol use, and improve the individual’s functioning.   

The HOPE Program uses Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), a combination of medication and therapy, to address addiction to alcohol and opioids.  Research has shown MAT can successfully treat SUD and sustain recovery, providing a whole person approach to treatment.  

Individuals who qualify for the HOPE Program are eligible to receive the following services, as appropriate to their needs: assessments, outpatient psychiatry services, treatment planning, group and individual therapy, nursing services (including alcohol and drug screenings), health education, service coordination, and primary care services.   

For More Information, or to Make a Referral, Contact: Yara Stanziola, BA at (786) 441-5360